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    Terri Morris


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    Terri Morris has been managing the back and front office at CSI Wealth Management since joining the firm in 2007.  Her role is all encompassing, and difficult to define. “I help onboard new clients, and I provide service to existing clients,” she says. Heavy on paperwork, its a job that requires attention to detail, coupled with a desire to work with people.

    That happens to be just the right combination for Terri, who came to the firm after two decades of working in the mortgage industry. “Ive always been a numbers person, so staying in financial services was the right decision for me.” Yet the part of her job that Terri enjoys most is the people aspect. “I love getting to know all of our clients, and providing meaningful assistance to them,” she says.

    In her previous role, Terri worked in a human resources capacity at a large residential lender with over a thousand employees. Chris Foster was an advisor to that company, which gave Terri the unique experience of working with CSI Wealth Management as a client. Having sat on the other side of the table, Terri can truly appreciate the needs and expectation of our clients. Terri's background and understanding of HR is also valuable to the many business owners who work with us.

    A native New Yorker, Terri resides in Burlington, North Carolina, with her husband, Jim. As grandparents to a set of triplets, they choose to spend most of their free time engaged in various activities with their grandchildren.