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For Business Owners

We assist business owners at every stage of the development of their enterprise. 


Earlier-stage businesses (and even some more mature ones) need to focus on protection against loss of key employees, and loss of income in the event of unexpected events, such as disability, death, or the unanticipated departure of an owner or top contributor.

Toward the middle phase of the business lifecycle, you need to look for tax efficiencies, ways to save money, and how to recruit and retain valuable employees.

As you move to maturity, the focus shifts to transfer of the business, via sale or succession, and the use of targeted strategies, such as non-qualified benefits, to retain talent.

As a business owner, you need to be very aware as to how you direct your financial resources. In addition to the other many services we provide for businesses, we support business owners with the development of personal financial plans.

We assist with:

  • Business succession strategies and implementation
  • Retirement planning and income distribution
  • Estate planning strategies for business owners
  • Non-qualified benefits for executives
  • Key-person and buy-sell
  • Employee benefits
  • Personal financial planning